Red Wing City Hall

Red Wing City Council passed its 2020 levy and budget on Monday, Dec. 2. Photo by Rachel Fergus/RiverTown Multimedia.

RED WING -- The Red Wing City Council approved of the proposed levy and budget that was before it during the Truth in Taxation and special council meeting Monday, Dec. 2.

The levy was set at $23,363,588, an increase of 15.2% from 2019. However, the change in the levy with the fund balance is 2.75%.

The 2020 budget expenditures was set at $86,407,203. This is a decrease of about 17% from 2019.

City staff provided council members and viewers with a pie chart meant to break down the sources of 2020’s revenues. The total is $82,293,167, though administrative business Director Marshall Hallock prefers to look at the net revenue, which is projected to be $57,710,604. The major categories include:

  • Services: 41.1%

  • Taxes: 29.5%

  • Intergovernmental: 11%

  • Transfers: 9.4%

  • Interest, rent and donations: 3.5%

  • Licenses and permits: 0.5%

  • Fund balance: 0.3%

  • Franchise fees: 0.3%

  • Fines: 0.1%

  • Bonding: 0%

Expenditures in 2020 ($86,407,203) comprise:

  • General fund: 24.9%

  • Enterprise funds: 24.6%

  • Internal services fund: 17.3%

  • Capital project funds: 10.2%

  • Debt service funds: 8.5%

  • Agency funds: 3.9%

  • Special revenue funds: 3.6%

  • Port Authority funds: 1.3%

  • Trust funds: 0.2%

The general fund's main categories are government -- City Council, mayor, council administration, elections, city attorney, etc.; public safety; public services -- public works administration, ice and snow removal, street signage, street lights, etc.; parks and recreation; general transfers; and special activities -- including Live Healthy Red Wing, cemeteries, community development planning, etc.

Red Wing’s 2020 collectible tax levy and the 2020 budget and capital improvement plan both passed 5-2. Council members Kim Beise and John Becker voted against the motions.

The proposed Port Authority levy and budget and the Red Wing Housing & Redevelopment Authority's proposed levies and budgets passed as well.

For more information about the levy and budget, including a more in-depth breakdown of the budget line-items, visit

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