Dave Sheridan and his boat, Dragonfly, were photographed Saturday about 8 p.m. on Lake Pepin.

The search continues for the body of a 61-year-old Pepin, Wis., man who went missing April 29 while sailboating on Lake Pepin.

Wabasha County sheriff Rodney Bartsh said authorities believe “there’s a strong possibility that man is still in the water.” Rising water temperatures in the Mississippi River add to the likelihood that the missing man’s body may rise to the surface.

With more boats sure to be on the water for Memorial Day weekend, “we’re looking for all the eyes we can get,” Bartsh said. Most likely, the body is between the south end of Lake Pepin and the Alma Dam, south of Wabasha.

A person who spots the body is asked to call 911 immediately, Bartsh said.

Search crews have used dive teams, sonar equipment, cadaver dogs and many sets of eyes in the search for the missing man. His name is Dave Sheridan. Sheridan’s boat was found April 29, unmanned with its night lights on and motor running, at Camp Lacupolis, directly across Lake Pepin from Pepin, Wis.

Sheridan was last seen at about 8 p.m. the night before as he was turning his boat upriver to sail north in Lake Pepin. Sheridan ran a charter service and gave sailing lessons.

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