RED WING — No one complained. 

The Goodhue County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday unanimously voted to approve an amendment to an existing conditional-use permit for Circle K Family Farms to add a farrowing barn and gestation barn to the existing feedlot at the family's farm. 

The last time the Kohlnhofer family brought a proposal for expanding their business in Goodhue County before the county board and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, a group of opponents along with the Land Stewardship Project fought the project every step of the way. 

This time, no one commented during the MPCA public comment period. No one attended Tuesday's Goodhue County Board meeting. 

During the planning commission meeting in October, one neighbor shared concerns about increased truck traffic kicking up road dust in the neighborhood, but the Kohlnhofers and the neighbor worked out an agreement, said Commissioner Brad Anderson. 

The new farrowing and gestation barns would add another 815 animal units to the site and require an additional manure pit with a capacity of about 3.7 million gallons for the additional 2,059 head of swine, according to Lisa Hanni, the county's land-use director. 

The two new barns at the Kohlnhofer facility are located roughly equidistant between the cities of Lake City and Goodhue. 

Commissioner Paul Drotos asked a few general questions about what happens if the African Swine Fever broke out at the facility. 

Mike Kohlnhofer explained how the government steps in during such a case, but that the Kohlnhofers grow their own feed, meaning getting contamination from outside food sources — one of main vectors of the swine disease — is extremely unlikely. 

Yon Kohlnhofer added that the Circle K facility includes showers for decontamination, and visitors to the site are strictly controlled so no one who has been in contact with other livestock can enter the site unless they've not been in contact with other livestock for at least 72 hours. 

The vote in favor of the expansion for the Circle K Family Farm feedlot was approved by a 4-0 vote. 

"I commend you for working with the neighbors on dust control," Anderson said. 

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