What's going on at Mayo Civic Center?

Why facilities are closed to the public during an ongoing event this week.

Mayo Civic Center
Why has the Mayo Civic Center has been closed to the public in recent days? Answer Man knows.
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Dear Answer Man: The past two days I took my daily walk in the downtown skyway in the afternoon. On both days, I wasn't allowed to enter the Civic Center because it was closed for a "private" event. They would not offer any other information. This afternoon, I walked around the outside windowed area and observed that they had lots of barriers up that prevented anyone from looking in. I did see that there was a table in one area with what looked like printers on it.

Any idea what's going on?

— Tom D.

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Tom, the Mayo Civic Center is hosting a United Hardware conference through June 25, 2022. This is the second of two scheduled there this year.

The two events — one was held in January — are projected to bring in 4,000 people , result in 2,200 room nights in hotels and lead to $3.1 million in economic stimulus.


The conference is a buying market for retail tool and hardware dealers.

But you hit the nail on the head, it's unfortunate staff didn't just say what was going on when they have the tools to either tell you or look it up.

I don't mean to hammer them too much, but I don't see how the public knowing throws a wrench into the event.

Perhaps this can be a learning experience for staff to level with the locals about what's going on in the public facility.

A bit of forthcoming honesty never hurts to have in anyone's toolbox.

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