Where'd the Denny Hanson memorial bench go?

The bench to honor former Rochester City Council President Dennis Hanson after the vinyl covering was replaced the first time.
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To the all-knowing Answer Man: Where did the Denny Hanson memorial bench that was at Peace Plaza land?

Sincerely, Bench Fanatic

Well, as you know, Bench Fanatic, Peace Plaza renovations just wrapped up. It’s not like they kept the bench around during construction. Though it could’ve been a nice resting spot during break time for workers.

Really, the bench was long gone before renovations started. It was “removed from public use” (as the Parks Department said) because the wrap on the bench was damaged. Again.

It did get removed before the Heart of the City project began, so it’s not DMC’s fault the bench was damaged.


The Parks Department said they aren’t sure if the bench will be repaired. Unless you, Bench Fanatic, or some other Rochesterite put up the money, the Hanson bench may no longer be around. There are apparently some conversations about replacing the bench, but, for some unfortunate reason, I’m not involved in those, so don’t ask me. I should be.

If the powers that be decide to replace the bench, there’s not a chance the bench will be put in Peace Plaza. It was “highly designed” (not my words) and the Parks Department doesn’t generally put memorial benches in a highly designed area. Obviously.

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