Look! Goodhue moms gather with their baby girls

We love interesting coincidences here at Fridge Magnet. What coincidences aren’t interesting? Don’t answer that. But we have received a tale — a true story, as storytellers like to say — about a group of girls, who grew up, graduated from Goodhue High School and ventured off as young women into the world.

Life unfolds and seven years after the Class of 1999 sallied forth into work, college and marriages, one of the mothers of the women made an interesting observation: six of the 52 graduates or about 13 percent were having babies.

Not a big deal, but wait, there’s more.

• All of the women at the time of the deliveries were living in the Goodhue area. The babies arrived from July 21 to Sept. 11.

• All of the babies are girls.


• All of the mothers married their high school or college sweethearts.

• All of the mothers are either first or second cousins.

"It’s something you only might see in a small town, but the coincidences are amazing," said Susan Majerus, the proud grandmother of Kaelynn.

Recently, the moms and the newborns gathered in Goodhue. We’ve got the photo:

From left to right are Tina (Brown) Carlson and baby Julia, born July 21 (husband-Kris Carlson); Kimberly (Schrimpf) Lodermeier and baby Briana, born Aug. 11 (Adam Lodermeier); Ashley ( Lodermeier) Agenten and baby Avy, born Aug. 19 (Dan Agenten); Beth (Schumacher) Carlson and baby Kate, born Aug. 28 (Kerry Carlson); Jillian (Majerus) Ryan and baby Kaelynn, born Sept. 2 (Kenny Ryan); and Jessica (Lodermeier) Flotterud and baby Lydia, born Sept. 11 (Jeremiah Flotterud).

This is a great story. And even better photo. What’s in the water up in Goodhue? Seems like lots of good things happen there. Fridge Magnet wishes all of the families good luck. Looks like they’re off to a great start.

And speaking of starts. As we started off from an intersection recently, we spotted more vanity license plates. So it’s time again for our Bumper Bits. The first entry is from one of our faithful Fridge Magnet readers over in Dodge County:

Joan Larson of Dodge Center writes:


"Fridge Magnet should have a regular spot at the top of a page, so everyone will notice it. (Fridge Magnet chimes in here...All those in favor, say ‘aye’) I always remembered a sports car without a handicap ID, parked in a handicap space. The personalized plate was "IMSMART." Says something, huh?"

Indeed, sayeth the Fridge. What it is, is left to the interpretation of our wonderful readers. Here are a few plates spotted by the Fridge in his daily drives. Some of these have been spotted by eagle-eyed children perched in their car seats:

• FLY ONE — on a Volvo station wagon

• CUFRST (See you first)

• 1LUCKY1 — on a black Mustang convertible

• ZA810 (Fridge wonders if this is "zatan" or "satan"? Anyone know?)

Drop us a note at our Web log: Fridge Magnet runs Tuesdays and Fridays in the Life section. We’re looking for your stories, your observations and photos. Stop at the blog or send them to

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