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Information about action against teacher licenses in Minn.

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By The Associated Press

The Associated Press filed a Data Practices Act request to obtain all state actions against teacher licenses from 2001 through 2005. Here’s how some of the results break down:


• In all, the state Board of Teaching suspended, revoked or denied the licenses of 134 teachers.

• Of that total, 69 of the cases involved some type of sexual misconduct.

• The other 65 cases included failures to meet professional requirements, gross incompetence, physically assaulting students or other staff, and other types of inappropriate behavior or transgressions. Such cases typically resulted in 6-month to one-year license suspensions.

• Twenty-five teachers from 2001 to 2005 had their licenses automatically and permanently revoked, the punishment for any license-holder who is convicted of felony criminal sexual conduct. Because of the way the Board of Teaching keeps its records, it’s not clear among those cases how many involved victims who were students or minors.

• However, at least 20 of the cases from 2001 to 2005 involved teachers who were accused of and sanctioned for some type of sexual misconduct that involved students or minors — a range of bad behavior that included teachers who had sexual relationships with students, made inappropriate sexual remarks or overtures to them, or showed them pornography.

• Other sexual misconduct cases didn’t directly involve students, types of behavior that included teachers who viewed or downloaded pornography on their school computers, or were arrested for indecent exposure or hiring prostitutes.

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