Major Leaque Baseball owners would like us to see them as reasonable businessmen, but then something like this happens.

Minnesota already has had to worry about possible contraction, but hopefully someone will realize that it's the team's latest player contract move that put the Twins in jeopardy in the first place.

Think of how many tickets are needed to pay for this.

David Ortiz, one year for $980,000?

This after playing in the minors for nearly eight seasons and putting together one decent year in the majors.

His take on being injured for much of last season and being a DH when he does play is to ask for a 500-percent raise. Nearly $1.4 million instead of $260,000.


Whoa. He might have potential, but last year it was a broken wrist (and a few extra pounds) that left him at .243 with 48 RBIs.

Paying pro sports salaries has always been a crap shoot, nothing new here. It's just Ortiz seems no more than a Shetland to the league's thoroughbreds.

And should be paid as such.

Tim Grice

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