MAKEOVER Unruly man is dragged out of court

From staff reports

A Rochester man was hauled out of court in handcuffs this morning when he refused to follow instructions from either the judge or law enforcement.

Instead, Hillmar Ivan Bittner, 63, recited loudly from some prepared documents claiming that the judge and court have no jurisdiction over him.

Bittner continued, even when Sgt. Mark Erickson of the Olmsted County Sheriff's Department ordered him to sit down at the table, as he previously had been told to do by Judge Jodi Williamson. Bittner refused. The judge then ordered him taken into custody for contempt of court.

Bittner yelled that Erickson was assaulting him as Erickson tried to get him to a holding area. The sergeant handcuffed Bittner and, with the help of a detention officer, dragged him out of the courtroom.


Bittner is charged with eight felony counts and eight misdemeanor counts alleging harassment of several city, county and state officials. He also is accused of filing fake documents to put liens against the property of several of the officials. The criminal complaint was filed in January, ordering him to make his first court appearance today.

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