Making cents

If you're wondering how to get more bang for your bucks, cut college costs or save for a rainy day, stop by this site sponsored by the Women's Institute for Financial Education. It offers budgeting and tax tips, hints on family matters, retirement advice and links to related publications.

Eggs-tra special

Wondering what to do with all those Easter eggs? The folks at the Iowa Egg Council have a few ideas. The site also includes an egg coloring book, egg-related events, egg links and recipes from "eggchiladas" to cream puffs.


Hop to it

If the bunny came to your house -- and stayed -- this site is for you. The site includes a rabbit photo gallery, classified ads, advice on rabbit care, a chat forum for pet owners and habitat tips.

Comes out in the wash

Got the washday blues? Put the washer on "spin" and drop by this site for fabric news, clothing storage hints and how to remove common stains. Click on "Stain Removal Guides," then see "The Top 21 Holiday, Party and Everyday Stains."

Tracking the Jet set

Check out this site for a Jet Li biography and filmography, a look at the actor's projects and answers to questions like "Can I get my own autographed photograph of Jet Li?"


Timely topic

Clocks and watches spring forward again tonight. For a look at time measurement, sundials and clock history, or to find out what time it is throughout the world, visit this site.

That finny feeling

If your best friend lives in a little glass bowl, visit the International Fancy Guppy Association site for a photo gallery, plus information on guppy clubs, chat rooms and swap shops.

Doting daughters


This site of the Daughters of the United States Army Gift Shop offers a catalog with everything from china to jewelry made from uniform buttons. Also, learn about Daughters of United States Army membership and a brief history of the West Point Museum.

Fighting the fat

Get the skinny on fat-free dining at this site, which serves up a slew of fat-free recipes, links to vegetarian and low-fat book outlets, classified ads and frequently asked fat questions.

Dolled up

Drawn to paper dolls? Visit the site of the Original Paper Doll Artists Guild. Here you'll find doll drawing basics, tips on paper doll preservation, advice for doll collectors, a kids' page and related links.

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