Making magic with her music


Jessica Daly has been playing the violin for over 20 years. She also sings, plays guitar, piano, and viola. She is a violin instructor and the assistant manager at Schmitt Music in Rochester.

1. Music background

My grandma was the one who first supported my interest in music. She would take me to concerts and to orchestra camps. By the time I was in 5th grade, my music teacher called my parents to tell them I should begin formal violin lessons.

2. Venues

Weddings are my favorite places to play, especially with a group of musicians. I just love the harmonies when I play with others.

3. String theory

I can certainly make piano sound really good, and I can play just about anything with strings.

4. Workaday life

At work, I am the girl with many hats. It’s what happens when people are good at their jobs – they end up with even more jobs.


5. Ode to joy

I spent a really long time trying to be something that I wasn’t. But now I am doing what I want, and I am pretty happy being a musician.

6. Prelude in C

It took some time to realize that music was one of the most stable things in my life. Music has always kept me grounded, and it fills my soul nicely.

7. Stand by me

Now I am playing at an open mic event every week because it is what I do for myself. I don’t feel judged, and everyone there is so supportive.

8. Canon in D

The great part about music is that when musicians get together, magic happens.

9. Rochester music scene

I love what has happened here just in the last ten years. Even open mic shows are just packed, whereas it hasn’t always been that way. People in Rochester are able to come out of their shells more now.

10. Where to find Jessica

Jessica plays private weddings and at open mic nights at Forager Brewing Company every Monday at 7:30 pm.

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