Man says city ruined house's value

By Jeffrey Pieters

A Rochester homeowner might take the city to court over zoning changes he says have made his million-dollar home impossible to sell.

Tom Nash, 5100 65th St. S.W., said he built the four-bedroom house, near the Rochester International Airport, 12 years ago as an investment he'd eventually sell to help fund his retirement.

The house is on 118 acres, less than two miles northwest of the center of the airfield. The land has been in Nash's family for years.


Nash, 61, said he has been trying without success for 11⁄2; years to sell the house.

He blames the airport, which made plans last year for a second east-west runway. The airport expanded its development-restricted zone to cover nearly all of Nash's property.

The zoning restrictions bar significant development on the land, requiring special permits even for "accessory" structures, such as a garage or shed.

A real estate agent trying to sell Nash's house recently dropped the listing, saying even if he lowered his price to $250,000, he might not find a buyer.

"It's impossible to sell," Nash said.

He asked the city to consider a solution, saying he has a lawyer, but wishes to avoid going to court.

Council President John Hunziker said court appears unavoidable.

"I don't see the city just cutting you a check," he said. "I don't think there are any other options."


Hunziker told Nash that airport growth should have been foreseen.

"I think the assumption has always been that the airport would grow as the city grows," he said.

Nash said: "I didn't think it would grow that fast."

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