MANCHESTER, Iowa — Tuesday’s Market Report from Manchester Livestock Auction, Inc. A total of 774 fat cattle and 66 butcher cows and slaughter bulls sold.

Fat cattle: Fat steers topped the market at 99.25. High-yielding Prime and Choice steers brought 96.00-99.25. Fat heifers topped the market at 98.25. High-yielding Prime and Choice heifers brought 95.00-98.25. Holstein steers topped the market at 90.25. High-yielding Prime and Choice Holstein steers brought 85.00-90.25.

Market cows: Slaughter cows topped the market at 74.00. High-yielding heifer/heiferettes brought 75.00-86.00. Premium Whites brought 65.00-74.00. Cutter and Boning Utility slaughter cows brought 59.00-64.50. Canner and Low-cutter cows brought 52.00-58.75.

Market bulls: Slaughter bulls weighing 1,285-2,420 lb. brought 57.00-75.00.

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