Many people contributed to Romeville Elementary Project’s succe

As a member of the staff of the Austin Area Learning Center (ALC), I would like to thank some of the people who helped make our Romeville Elementary Project a success.

Through the efforts of many, we were able to donate almost 1,000 pounds of supplies to a school destroyed by Hurricane Gustav.

A thank you goes to the ALC students who gave to the project either through their donations, large and small, or through their work. Some spent money, some relinquished their personal children’s books, some packed boxes and many helped in the human assembly line getting the packages to the van.

A huge thank you goes to Carla Anderson Diekmann and her husband Darren for delivering the supplies to the Romeville Elementary School in Covent, Louisiana.  They gave a personal touch to our project.

A $500 donation from Richard Knowlton deserves a big thank you, and a thank you goes to the Postal Carriers Union who graciously contributed $400 for postage to ship some of the supplies. They literally helped lighten our load.


This entire project has been an inspiration to me, renewing my faith in our youth and reinforcing the adage, "It takes a village."

Shirley Peterson Morgan


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