PETA targets McDonald’s

CHICAGO — Nine years after calling a truce with McDonald’s Corp., People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals says it is going on a new offensive against the fast-food giant, this time over the most humane way to kill a chicken.

Should chickens be knocked unconscious with a jolt of electricity and then have their throats cut, the conventional method of slaughter in this country? Or should they be gassed, a practice used in Europe?

PETA has been waging war against KFC since 2003 with its "Kentucky Fried Cruelty" campaign, boycotting the firm, staging thousands of protests at KFC restaurants and using shock tactics like dousing company executives in fake blood.

KFC has refused to give in.


"When PETA protests our restaurants, we have to add additional staff because sales actually increase while they’re there," the company said in a statement to the Chicago Tribune

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