McGrady guesses that 5 percent of today's NBA players are gay

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Orlando Magic guard Tracy McGrady is learning that just about any controversial issue a superstar addresses can end up in bold, sometimes bawdy, headlines.

McGrady recently told a New York magazine for its November issue that he believes "5 percent" of NBA players are gay and added he had witnessed incidents of homosexual behavior.

Also in the interview, McGrady criticized Magic management for not involving him in the signing of free-agent forward Juwan Howard.

McGrady made his comments to Stuff magazine writer Bill Schulz, whose questions were far more raucous than McGrady's answers.

In a question-and-answer interview at McGrady's Isleworth mansion in July, Schulz asked McGrady, "Here's a pertinent question: How many homosexuals are currently playing in the NBA?"


"I think about 5 percent," McGrady said.

Schulz then said, " Wow. That's a huge amount for such a macho profession. Have you observed any specific incidents that allow you to make that statement?"

"Yeah," McGrady said.

Schulz went on to another subject when McGrady would not expand his answer.

McGrady could not be reached Friday for comment on the article. Magic General Manager John Gabriel would not comment.

Gabriel, however, did address McGrady's comments to the magazine about being kept out of the loop when the Magic signed Howard.

McGrady told Stuff, "To tell you the truth, I didn't know it until it hit the news. I didn't have a clue about it, which I think is crazy, because I should know all the moves they make if I'm the key guy for this team.

"You should involve me in everything. I'm finding out from friends that we signed Juwan Howard, and I'm thinking I should have been one of the first to know. I'm really happy to have him on the team, though. He's going to contribute offensively and defensively. And he brings veteran leadership."


Said Gabriel, "I think we (the team and McGrady) had a grasp on the situation.

"I know we share the same goals of winning more each year," Gabriel said. "Our goal is his goal: To put the best team on the floor, and in particular, take as much pressure off him as we can. We did that with signing of Howard."

Schulz said by phone from New York on Friday that McGrady made his comments to Stuff the day after the Magic signed Howard.

Schulz also asked McGrady about Kobe Bryant's sexual-assault case (McGrady basically took the fifth).

Source: Orlando Sentinel

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