Mike Boyer — 5348 51st St. N.W.

Persistence paid off for Mike Boyer and his family. After entering the competition nearly every year for the better part of a decade, Boyer can finally stand in the winner’s circle.

Boyer didn’t rely on a particular theme, per se, but was more focused on creating an interesting lighting scheme for his house at 5348 51st St. N.W.

"I’d say I bought about 35 new sets of lights this year," he said, "and that doesn’t include the sets I already have."

Fortunately, Boyer didn’t have to tackle this decorating project alone.

"My 10 year-old, Zach, showed an interest in helping," Boyer said. "It was nice being able to work with him on this."


Other than his helper-elf, to what does Boyer attribute his 2007 change of luck?

"I didn’t do too much different than in years past," he said, "but I did get a light projector for Christmas last year that I was able to show off."

Sure enough, part of the Boyer home showcases an illuminated life-sized reindeer. A perfect Christmas gift, it seems, for creating a winning holiday display.

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