Minnesota cattle coming to Iowa face restrictions

DES MOINES — Restrictions on cattle moving into Iowa from Minnesota have been updated after Minnesota’s tuberculosis status was reduced to Modified Accredited.

The downgrade followed the discovery of four additional TB-infected herds. All herds were in extreme northern Minnesota.

USDA has five different classifications for states or zones. They are  Accredited Free; Modified Accredited Advanced; Modified Accredited, Accredited Preparatory and Non-Accredited. 

Iowa’s current state TB status is a Accredited Free, and the state has maintained this TB-free status since 1986.

Bovine TB affects cattle, bison, deer, elk, goats and other warm-blooded species and can be fatal. The disease can be transmitted to humans through direct contact with infected animals or consumption of raw milk. 


The updated regulations include the following requirements for cattle and bison moving into Iowa auction markets from Minnesota:

• Feeder steers and spayed heifers: Negative TB test within 60 days of movement if animal is two months of age and older and has official identification. No restricted movement.

• Feeder heifers: Negative TB test within 60 days of movement if animal is two months of age and older and has official identification. Heifers are restricted to move from the auction market to an Approved Terminal Feedlot. Producerswho want to obtain an Approved Terminal Feedlot status must call the ag department at (515) 281-6358.

• Breeding cattle, cull cows and bulls: Herd of origin must have tested negative for TB within the past 12 months and have a negative test of the individual animals (2 months of age and older) within the past 60 days. The second test isn’t required if the animals to be moved are 2 months of age and older are moved to the auction market within 60 days following the herd of origin herd test and were included in the testing on that herd of origin herd test.

• Finished cattle: Negative TB test within the past 60 days. Cattle restricted to move from auction market directly to slaughter.

In addition, producers moving cattle to Iowa auction markets must present documentation of TB testing at the time of delivery and documentation must be maintained in the market records.

For cattle and bison originating from a tuberculosis accredited herd, no test is required if accompanied by a copy of the producer’s Tuberculosis Accredited Herd certificate.

If cattle are trucked directly from Minnesota to an approved slaughtering establishment in Iowa there are no restrictions.


Currently these regulations apply to all cattle moving from Minnesota, however the state is in the process of applying for split-state status, which would mean only cattle coming from the region where TB has been found will face additional testing requirements.

Livestock producers with questions regarding the new regulations should call the Industry Bureau at (515) 281-5547.


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