Moss says ratio is 'overrated'

Knight Ridder Newspapers

SEATTLE -- Seattle asked if the "Randy Ratio" is overrated, Vikings receiver Randy Moss said: "Very much overrated. I keep telling my coach that I don't like the ball being forced when you don't have to force it. The Randy Ratio? The Randy Ratio is what I said all along. If we win, fine. If we don't, then let's find someone else. It's hard, man."

Sunday night though, Moss was open on several passes. He dropped at least four in the end zone. But he was once again the target on an interception by quarterback Daunte Culpepper. Late in the second quarter, Moss got a step on a defender, but Culpepper underthrew him and the ball was picked off by safety Reggie Tongue.

In all, Moss has been the target on six of Culpepper's eight interceptions this season.

"You can ask any of the guys on the team," Moss said. "I was focused, I was fired up, I'm ready to play. I'm in here hollering. I mean, I was ready. I really was.


"It irks my soul to see myself not performing like that. I don't worry about what's in the paper. I worry about myself. The biggest critic I think is myself.

"It just irks me to not be able to perform when given opportunities. You see how many opportunities I had, and I didn't use them to my advantage. I just couldn't get nothing going."

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