Motorcyclist suffered mild brain injury

By Travis Reed

Associated Press

ROBBINSDALE, Minn. -- A man found alive five days after crashing his motorcycle in rural Nicollet County was recovering Wednesday, but was in serious condition, his doctor said.

"I was amazed that he was alive," said Dr. Mark Ahrendt, a general surgeon at North Memorial Medical Center. "And I was fairly amazed he didn't have any more injuries."

Searchers found Nathan Lagred, 27, Tuesday afternoon sitting under a tree in his boxer shorts, after he had shed his leather motorcycle clothing. He immediately asked for water.


He was flown by helicopter to North Memorial, where he was given fluids and admitted in critical condition. Ahrendt said Lagred's body was about six quarts of fluid short of normal.

Lagred was also diagnosed with a minor brain injury that was affecting his memory. Although he could converse with his family, he didn't have a clear memory of the crash. Doctors were not sure if the impairment would be permanent.

Ahrendt said that based on Lagred's injuries, age, good health and ability to find shade from the area's more than 90-degree temperatures, he probably could've lasted a few more days in the field.

"Everyone here is amazed he didn't have more metabolic problems," Ahrendt said. "The dehydration was moderate."

Ahrendt said Lagred thought he was at a hospital in Mankato early Wednesday but later was able to remember he was in Robbinsdale.

Lagred was not wearing a helmet when he crashed. Ahrendt said it appears that he hit the front of his head in the accident. Lagred also had two injured ankles. One had a small fracture and the other was sprained.

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