Moving day means more room for a growing family

By Laura Horihan

The Post-Bulletin, Rochester MN

At what cost?

The cost of moving a house mostly depends on how far it will be moved from its original spot.

To move the Wingert's 1,500 square-foot house about 12 miles, they paid the movers about $16,000.

Two different electric companies had electrical lines on the route, the Wingerts will pay Tri-County Electric $2,500 and Dairyland Power, $3,200.

The Wingerts didn't have to pay anything for the house, but they do plan to build a full basement.

Approximate cost of moving the house: $21,700.

HARMONY — It's not every day you see a four-bedroom house being moved down the road.

Monday, neighbors were treated to that sight on Highway 44 near Harmony.

Expecting twins in July, Jim and Randi Wingert knew their current mobile home wasn't going to be big enough for their growing family.


The couple already have four children, Coltin,10, Morgan, 8, Craytin, 3, and Madylan, 2, so it's important for the project to be completed soon.

Through word of mouth, they heard about a house about 12 miles away that needed to be moved.

"The owners didn't want to tear it down or burn it, but they were hoping someone would be willing to move it," Randi said Tuesday.

After doing the math, the couple hired Progressive House & Building Moving of Rochester to move the house to their property, about one mile west of Harmony.

It cost about $16,000 to move the house. In addition to the mover costs, the Wingerts also had to pay Tri-County Electric $2,500 and Dairyland Power $3,200 to temporarily move power lines that were in the way as the house moved by.

Tri-County Electric operations manager Bob Spartz said some years electric workers have helped moved as many as eight houses in their coverage area.

He said homeowners will spend more to move a house depending on its height and the number of lines that need to be moved along the way.

He urges all people moving anything 15-feet tall or higher to call their electric company before they start moving.


He said Tri-County Electric typically charges $125 an hour for a truck and two men. Prices increase if the work is done after regular hours.

"Each electric company has their own policy and their prices are always different," Spartz said.

The Wingerts plan to put the 1,500 square-foot house on a full basement.

"Hopefully, we'll be ready to move into the house in a month, but it really depends on the weather right now," Randi said. "The main thing is that it's ready before the twins come in mid-July."

Laura Horihan covers news in Olmsted, Fillmore, Dodge and Houston counties. She can be reached at (507) 285-7619.

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