MOWER COUNTY BOARD NOTEBOOK On Tuesday, the Mower County Board:

Agreed to continue putting more concise board minutes in its legal newspaper to save $12,000 to $15,000 a year. The entire minutes are available at the courthouse, on the county's Web page and at libraries in the county. Some of the savings will be offset by the extra time it takes to scale down the minutes, said County Administrator Craig Oscarson, but overall, the county should save money.

Agreed to raise the annual fee to $100 a year for the demolition landfill, solid waste transfer stations and places that accept yard waste. Landfill and transfer station annual permits are now $50; the yard waste site is $25. But processing new permits costs the county more than that, Oscarson said. The board agreed to higher fees, but decided to leave alone the amount of bonds each has to have in case their businesses close and the county must clean up the sites. They are $25,000 for the landfill and transfer station and $5,000 for yard waste sites.

Met Jeremy Clinefelder, the new assistant county attorney. He replaces Julie Mougin, who took a job in Washington County.

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