Mower County finance director, treasurer face off

By Tim Ruzek

The Post-Bulletin

There’s no incumbent for this race, but both candidates are Mower County employees doing work related to the job.

Treasurer Doug Groh and finance director Donna Welsh are vying for the county’s new auditor-treasurer position.

Last December, the Mower County Board unanimously voted to merge the auditor and treasurer into one elected position at the end of 2006. Board members made the move to make operations more efficient and to save money.


With long-time County Auditor Woody Vereide not running for re-election, the county doesn’t have the problem of two people who already are elected running for the new job.

Groh, 47, of Austin, won election four years ago to his first term as county treasurer. He served for 13 years as the county’s chief deputy auditor and has worked as a staff accountant at private accounting firms.

Welsh, of rural Austin, came to Mower County in early 2003 after being hired by the county to serve as its first finance director. From 1995 to 2003, she worked as Dodge County’s finance director and previously worked in roles for office and investment management.

The top issue for Groh, if elected, will be to maintain a segregation of duties and internal controls to safeguard county assets. He plans to work with the county board to merge Central Services into the auditor/treasurer office to provide accountability in the auditor function and reduce double payments to vendors.

Welsh’s main issue will be to have successful staff management that involves the mutual respect of each other and clients. She would meet with other departments and staff to ensure job functions continue in a smooth transition with appropriate cross training and good communication.

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