‘Neuter Commuter’ to arrive in St. Paul

Associated Press

ST. PAUL — It’s the cat’s meow of animal control.

A vehicle dubbed the "Neuter Commuter" is ready to roll in St. Paul to help control the city’s feral cat population.

The $171,000 custom RV is equipped for spaying and neutering animals.

Officials from the Hastings-based Animal Ark No-Kill Shelter hope to use it to test the effectiveness of trapping, neutering and releasing feral cats in urban areas.


Animal Ark has tried the strategy on some of rural Minnesota’s largest cat colonies. By neutering cats instead of killing them, they’ve reduced each of those colonies to zero kittens.

It’s harder to go after feral cats in cities, however, because pets allowed to roam could come home sterilized.

Organizers hope to sterilize 300 to 400 cats in St. Paul this summer.

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