New-look Pistons looking good

AUBURN HILLS, Mich. -- The Detroit Pistons opened their season Wednesday night, and within a few minutes your worst fear was realized: Without Larry Brown to keep him in check, the point guard quickly hoisted five shots and made only one.

OK, so it was Allen Iverson. The other post-Larry point guard, Chauncey (Mr. Big Pass) Billups, had five assists in the first quarter alone. "That's what it's gonna be for me," Billups said after finishing with 10 assists to help the Pistons disposed of the 76ers like a piece of lint. "I'm going to run the club.."

After 1.2 percent of this Pistons season, all arrows point up. The starting five, best in the league last year, appears even better. The bench is stronger. The defense is still solid. And offensively, the players love the freedom that Flip Saunders provides, but at least in this game, they didn't abuse it.

Michael Rosenberg

Detroit Free Press

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