A more price-conscious retail sibling is moving into Macy’sanchor store in Rochester’s Apache Mallthis summer.

Macy’s is bringing its Backstageoutlet brand to the Med City by opening the store-within-a-store in 15,600-square-feet on the second floor of the current store.

The rest of the 163,000-square-foot store will remain the same.

The new operation is slated to open on June 16. There will be giveaways for the first 200 customers.

The new Rochester Backstage will mean adding about 10 new "Crew" positions to staff the store-within-a-store.

Backstage carries an array of men’s and women’s fashion clothing and accessories at lower prices than the traditional Macy’s stores.

The budget brand was created in 2015 as a way to compete with bargain retailers, like TJ Maxx and Marshall’s. Originally a stand-alone concept, Backstage was eventually moved inside Macy’s stores.

There are about 70 Backstage stores now and Macy’s plans to open about 100 more across the country this year.

Many experts see Backstage as a good move by Macy’s to remain competitive and relevant in a difficult retail environment, where chains like Herberger’sand Toys R Usare closing their doors.

"Macy’s Backstage Apache Mall is designed to bring great deals and the fun of the hunt into our existing location. If you’re looking for a fashion update, a last-minute gift, or a special treat for yourself, your home or your pet, we have you covered," said Macy’s Senior Vice President of Off Price Michelle Israelin the announcement. "Backstage’s focus on value and newness guarantees that with each visit, shoppers will find an amazingly-priced assortment of recognizable brands and trends."