The other shoe has dropped for the struggling ShopKoretail chain as it follows a long line of well-known brands into oblivion.

The Wisconsin-based retailer filed court documents stating it will be closing all of its 363 stores as part of its bankruptcy.

This follows a February announcement that ShopKo was closing 250 stores, including the south Rochester store at 2820 US Highway 63. It’s slated to close April 15.

ShopKo’s latest court filing showed a new store closure list containing 130 more stores, including Rochester’s north store and stores in Kasson, Winona, Mankato and others in the region.

The latest round of stores are expected to close within 10 to 12 weeks.

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The Green Bay company is known for choosing small communities, such as Kasson, as locations for its stores.

Shopko is just the latest in a string of high-profile closures of national brands in Rochester.

The city’s lone Kmart storeclosed for good on Sunday. Herbergersclosed last summer with 140 employees. Toy R Usclosed in June with 41 employees. In January, two Bakers Squarerestaurants in Rochester closed as did two Perkinsrestaurants. Searsclosed its Rochester store in early 2014.