While the ownership is changing, the pizza and cheesecakes at a Rochester restaurant will not.

Two iconic Med City restaurant families are coming together as they join forces to steer a popular northwest eatery.

The Zubay family, which operates Hot Chip, Porch, Lettuce Uniteand  Guerita's Windowunder the Championship Diningumbrella, is acquiring Mr. Pizza Northfrom the Fulton family, which created Rochester's original Mr. Pizzain 1963.

"The Fultons have built a wonderful brand, and we want to keep that going. That's hugely important for us. We're going to honor the family tradition," said Jerry Zubay.

The deal is expected to become official at the start of March.

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Fans of Mr. Pizza North at 4040 28th St NW shouldn't be worried, he said.

"If you like the pizzas today, you'll like the pizzas after the deal closes," said Zubay.

The staff of 30 to 35 people, including legendary Pastry Chef Heather Fulton, are not going anywhere.

"We're thrilled that Heather is staying on," he said.

That means Fulton's popular cheesecakes will still be on the menu.

Championship's Chef Justin Schoville, who manages Hot Chip and Porch, will add running the operations of Mr. Pizza North to his portfolio.

The Fultons built and opened Mr. Pizza North in 2006. They renovated to add a wine barin 2010. The original Mr. Pizza is still cooking on South Broadway.

While the menu and staff won't change, the new owners are looking to add online ordering service to Mr. Pizza North as well as expanding Championship Dining gift cards to cover the restaurant.

"That means the gift certificates will cover salads, tacos, vegan, chicken, burgers and pizzas. I think that covers all of the major food groups right there," said Zubay.

Biz buzz

In a combo of two very different types of "dough," look for a second Med City location of Great Harvest Bread Co. inside the First Alliance Credit Union's latest branch.

First Alliance Credit Union is building the mixed-use branch to be called First Alliance Commons at 2483 Commerce Drive NW.

Local Great Harvest Owner Dan Sweeneywas quoted in a press announcement as stating, "Our partnership with First Alliance Credit Union was the perfect opportunity to help more people be able to enjoy our fresh made breads, goodies, sandwiches and more."

Sweeney opened the original Great Harvest at 706 N. Broadway in 2004.

First Alliance Commons is expected to also include a Mokacoffee shopplus two additional businesses surrounding a central common space and will offer a small community conference room.