It's always of interest when longtime Rochester resident Igor Vovkovinskiy gets noted in national or international media.

The tallest man in America now is featured in the new Ripley's Believe it or Not book "Dare to Look!"

A publicist says it features the story of Igor being the tallest man in America, standing at 7 feet, 8 1/3 inches tall. It's in the Body section of the book, which features stories from around the world.

Last May, Vovkovinskiy caused a sensation at the Eurovision song contest in Malmo, Sweden, when he carried the Ukrainian entry, Zlata Ognevich, on stage. Vovkovinskiy was costumed as a fairy tale figure, with Ognevich appearing like a small fairy.

Vovkovinskiy, 30, was born in the Ukraine and moved to Rochester at the age of 7 to seek treatment at Mayo Clinic for the hormonal abnormality that caused him to grow to unusual proportions. He attended Rochester public schools.

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About a year ago, Vovkovinskiy received a gift of shoes from Reebok. He had connected via social media with a Reebok representative, who eventually helped him get fitted for his size 24, 10E feet. In October 2012, he received three custom-made pairs from Reebok, the Canton, Mass.-based athletic shoe company, and tried them on at the Rochester Athletic Club.

The shoes made national news and WCCO-TV came down from Minneapolis to cover the fitting.

— Mike Dougherty

Breakfast is served

Every quarter, the Federal Medical Center warden Brian Jett meets with a group of community members to talk over breakfast and update each other.

The Community Relations Board met last week in its usual spot in the staff dining area on the prison campus. Tuesday's sunrise hadn't peeked above the horizon as we arrived with many of the staff who were starting their workday making their way through the checkpoints and security sweeps the greet anyone arriving at the prison on the city's east side.

The small staff dining area features the basic cafeteria layout and foods. Rochester Mayor Ardell Brede, Olmsted County Sheriff Dave Mueller and Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce were among the visitors who were served breakfast that included choices of eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, breakfast burritos and a fruit dish.

It was noted by one diner that the breakfast burritos seemed to be the hit. Nothing fancy, but very tasty. Wrapped in tinfoil, several FMC officials slipped one in their pockets as they left for a snack later.

It was a good start to the day.

— Mike Dougherty

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