This isn't a typical bed time story, but it did have a happy ending.

After a plea on social media, Mayo Clinic employees were able to find a missing teddy bear that belonged to Aiden Reeme, 5, of Brewster on Wednesday. However, that's not the reason why a teddy bear means so much to him.

Remme currently battles brain cancer and his furry companion — Teddy — has been with him for "every appointment, and every scan and surgery." The boy was undergoing his 60th round of chemotherapy at Mayo when Teddy was lost.

Tracy, Aiden's mom, finally turned to social media for help:

"If you live in Rochester area please share," according to the post. "We have done everything else but this. So here is the last ditch effort I suppose. We also wrote a letter to the editor and emailed a local news station. It may sound crazy but this teddy is a rather big deal. ... this teddy means the world to him."

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It wasn't long after more than a 1,000 shares on social media that there was some good news: the bear was found.

A Mayo Clinic employee found Teddy inside St. Marys Chapel, according to the hospital's statement. Soon after, someone came by to pick up the stuffed bear — who turned out to be a police officer, according to social media updates.

The bear was photographed sitting in the passenger side of the squad car with the seat belt fastened around him. It was returned safely to Aiden on Wednesday afternoon. Tracy posted a video Wednesday from her son, thanking those who found the bear and brought it back to him.

The Mayo employee who found Teddy asked not to do interviews or to be singled out for finding the stuffed animal, as it was a team effort to bring a boy and his beloved bear back together again.

"Everyone is happy that he now has his dear friend back," according to a Mayo Clinic statement. "This was a culmination of Mayo Clinic team members going above and beyond to help their patient."