Approximately 20 Rochester properties — including the iconic ear of corn water tower — were designated as potential landmarks Tuesday.

"Our No. 1 priority is to get one list," Heritage Preservation Commission member Jamie Mahlberg said.

Two lists of properties to be considered as potential landmarks exist. In addition to the city’s potential landmark list, a "challenged list" was created in 2017, which included properties whose owners objected to potential-landmark status.

Twelve of the properties designated as potential landmarks Tuesday were on the challenged list, which still includes at least 17 buildings.

In addition to the corn tower, Assisi Heights, the former Olmsted County Bank and Trust Co. building at 7 Second St. SW, the Bulbulian House at 1229 Skyline Drive SW, the Charles Sheard residence at 2217 Balsam Court SW and seven individual buildings on the Saint Marys and Methodist hospital campuses were added to the list of potential landmarks.

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The commission also added several properties that were being considered as part of a potential commercial historic district in the downtown area. The buildings include several in the 300 block of South Broadway Avenue and the 200 block of First Avenue.

Properties on the potential landmark list aren’t necessarily protected from future changes or demolition. Rather, the list requires an extra layer of review with a 30-day time period, if such actions are considered.

Owners of properties added to the list Tuesday will be notified of the status change.

The city’s heritage preservation ordinance allows property owners to request removal from the list of potential landmarks. The process calls for the commission to hold a public hearing on the request.

If the commission opts to keep the property on the list after the hearing, the property owner can appeal to the city council.

At least two property owners argued against being placed on the list. Seneca Foods opposed the designation for the water tower, and the owner of the Sheard House has submitted a request to be kept off the list.

Having moved properties to the potential landmark list, the commission plans to review others from the challenged list in coming months.

On Feb. 26, the commission will meet with Mayo Clinic representatives to discuss several properties being considered for the potential list. They include remaining buildings on the two hospital campuses, as well as the former Lourdes High School at 621 W. Center St. and the former Travelers Hotel at 426 Second St. SW.

Commission Chairwoman Christine Schultze said the goal is to finalize the single list so efforts can be made to move forward with other commission business, which includes designating properties for landmark protection and developing an incentive program for maintaining historical buildings in the city.

"Anything on the challenged list, we need to address as soon as possible," she said.

B3: Properties on the "challenged list."

Properties on the Rochester Heritage Preservation Commission’s "challenged list" were removed from a list of potential landmark properties approved in 2017.

The proposed potential status for each property had been challenged by owners for a variety of reasons, including requests for further study and worries about potential limitations for future modification to the buildings.

The properties remaining on the list include:

• Christ United Methodist Church, 400 Fifth Ave. SW

• Dr. Joe R. Brown residence, 2303 Crest Lane SW

• Extra-Ordinary Bookseller/Attorneys at Law/Barrister Hall, 9-11 First St. NW

• House, 606 Memorial Parkway SW

• House, 303 Sixth ave. SW

• International Business Machines Corp. Building, 3700 U.S. Highway 52

• Keys House, 1217 Skyline Drive SW

• Lourdes High School, 621 Center St. SW

• Portions of Methodist Hospital, 201 W. Center St.

• R.V. Randall residence, 611 Memorial Parkway SW

• Rochester State Bank, 331 16th Ave. NW

• Rochester Travelers Hotel/Colonial Motor Hotel/The Beverly, 426 Second St. SW

• Silo, UCR Drive SE

• Silver Lake Power Generating Plant, 425 Second Ave. NE

• Portions of Saint Marys Hospital, 1216 Second St. SW

• Trinity Lutheran Church, 532 Second St. SW

• Zumbro Lutheran Church, 210 Sixth St. SWrks