HAYFIELD — Tortellini the tortoise is back home after being missing more than a month-and-a-half.

Tortoise owner Mackenzie Carter reported the Russian tortoise had vanished from an outdoor enclosure May 5. Native to Central Asia, Russian tortoises prefer dry, warm conditions. Tortellini was gone for a wet May and June during which temperatures dipped into the 40s and soared to near 100 degrees.

Tortellini was found Sunday partially burrowed in a garden about three blocks away from Carter’s home.

"I’m just so surprised she made it that far because she had to cross two streets," Carter said.

Besides braving Midwest spring weather extremes and traffic, Tortellini had managed to avoided scavenger predators.

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"She’s a resilient little thing," Mackenzie said.

The granddaughter of a woman who lives near by was working in her grandmother’s garden and found the partially burrowed tortoise. The woman contacted Carter who identified Tortellini and brought her home.

"She’s definitely not liking being back in her enclosure," Carter said. "She’s used to wide open spaces, apparently."