AUSTIN — An Austin man pleaded guilty last week in Mower County District Court to an assault charge after police say he abused an 8-week-old child.

Nathaniel Ambrose, 24, pleaded guilty Thursday to first-degree assault-great bodily harm.

Lyle police received a call from Olmsted Medical Center on Aug. 25, 2018, for a report of an 8-week-old boy who had been physically abused. The baby boy had been taken to OMC by his mother and then transferred by ambulance to Mayo Clinic Hospital-Saint Marys. Doctors later determined the baby had suffered intracranial bleeding, facial/head bruising, fractures in his forearm and hand as well as injuries to his buttock and groin area, according to court documents. A few weeks after the incident, medical personnel informed law enforcement that the baby would likely be significantly impaired.

When interviewed by police, Ambrose said he had been watching the boy while the baby's mother was at work. He later heard the baby coughing and saw that he was coughing up blood from a cut on his lip, according to the criminal complaint. Ambrose told police he took the baby into the shower because he was "limp" and ran water on him. He also told police he tried to stimulate the baby with a shaking motion and lightly tapping his cheek. Ambrose said the baby went back to normal and he kept the baby awake for the rest of the day, according to court documents.

The baby's mother took him to the hospital after returning home from work and visiting family in Rochester with the baby.

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A trial was scheduled to begin in Mower County District Court this week. Prosecutors had filed a motion to seek an aggravated sentence in the case. A joint sentencing agreement was presented to the court of 86-months imprisonment, according to the petition to enter a guilty plea. Ambrose has been released on $25,000 conditional bail with GPS monitoring. He is scheduled to be sentenced on Jan. 30 by Judge Jeffrey Kritzer.