No ‘consensus’ on global warming

Andrew Morriss is correct about the economic costs of Al Gore’s plan.

Western wealth is needed to create environment-friendly technology.

Al Schumann is correct that C02 creation is mostly natural, and expands agricultural production, as would higher global temperatures.

Increased solar radiation (insolation) is causing temperature increases on Earth and on Mars and Jupiter. Increased insolation correlates with C02 increases as much as C02 correlates with increased temperatures.

A recent United Nations study concluded at present trends the sea levels will rise only inches, not the 10 to 20 feet Gore predicts. Rising sea levels have occurred throughout history. The first Americans came to North America from Asia on a now-submerged land bridge.


Global warming ended the Ice Age. The Greenland of the Vikings 1,000 years ago was "Green" and agrarian. Recent fossil discoveries indicate parts of the Arctic were once subtropical like Florida.

In the 1970s, alarmists were predicting a coming Ice Age, and the geography, anthropology, and earth science textbooks had the graphs, charts, and numbers to "prove" it.

Computer models ignore micro-climatology and regional land-use patterns.

Atmospheric and earth scientists are not in "consensus" on the primary causes of global warming. The case is not "closed."

Thomas P. Ostrom


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