No one's saying home run leader Sammy Sosa of the Chicago Cubs is a bit thick-headed, though his recent reactions to the brouhaha surrounding steroid use in major league baseball is borderline ''huh?''

Sosa, you recall, originally responded to talk of the need for baseball testing for enhancement drug use with the equivalent of ''bring it on, and I'll be the first one in line.''

That was before a national magazine reporter challenged him -- face-to-face -- to back his words and take a few minutes for blood to be drawn. It's odd he would find that offensive or threatening, since it was Sosa who first set down the ''testing'' gauntlet.

No one's saying Sosa's incredibly chiseled body and this season's leagued-leading 28 homers are the result of his pill popping.

But then we'll never know. Unless he's tested.

Besides, Sammy, if your words are true, there's nothing to fear.


Tim Grice

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