Notify the FSA Office Before “Sodbusting†Land

This yea,r many producers are "sodbusting" new land to increase their cropland acreage. It is imperative that producers contact their local FSA office and complete an AD-1026, Highly Erodible Land Conservation and Wetland Conservation Certification before they sodbust any new land. The AD-1026 is the producer’s signed certification that Highly Erodible Land Conservation, as well as wetland conservation provisions will not be violated.

The term "sodbusting" is used to identify the plowing up of erosion-prone grasslands for use as cropland. Sodbuster violations are unauthorized tillage practices on highly erodible lands that converted native vegetation such as rangeland or woodland, to crop production after Dec. 23, 1985.

Farmers and ranchers should be aware that if they use highly erodible land for crop production without proper conservation measures, they risk losing eligibility to participate in Farm Service Agency programs.

Before producers clear, plow or otherwise prepare areas not presently under crop production for planting, they are required to file an AD-1026, indicating the area to be brought into production. If Natural Resources Conservation Service indicates on a CPA-026 that the area will be highly erodible land, the producer will be required to develop and implement a conservation plan on the affected acreage, before bringing land into production.

Please contact your local FSA Office if you plan on sodbustng any new land.

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