8. New Hampshire

Obama seeks health ideas

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on Tuesday turned to both the durable tradition of the New England town meeting in Portsmouth, N.H. and the 21st century technology of the Internet to highlight a campaign promise of health care coverage for all Americans.

The Illinois senator did not offer new details on how he would provide universal health insurance, repeating past assurances that he would unveil a plan within the next few months. Instead, he made a broad appeal to the public for ideas on fixing the health care system.

While the senator prodded and questioned a group of about 80 New Hampshire voters about their health care experiences at a forum organized by a local newspaper, his campaign opened its Web site to ideas and personal stories about health care, soliciting video, audio and web contributions. Obama spokesman Bill Burton said the campaign would consider the contributions as it develops health care policy and would seek to foster a discussion on its web site by featuring some of the contributions and inviting comments.

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