Officer shot in area where Austin man was killed

Associated Press

PHILADELPHIA — A Philadelphia police officer was shot in the arm while working in the neighborhood where Austin native Beau Zabel was shot and killed on June 15. Authorities say the officer and his partner still managed to capture two robbery suspects.

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey says 52-year-old Officer Mark Uffelman did "a tremendous job" in apprehending the 42-year-old man accused of shooting him early Tuesday. His partner, Officer Dave McAndrews, arrested a 22-year-old man suspected of being an accomplice.

Uffelman and McAndrews had been on plainclothes patrol in the neighborhood where 23-year-old aspiring teacher Beau Zabel — a native of Austin, Minn. — was recently shot and killed in an apparent robbery.

Uffelman’s father, Charles Uffelman, was a policeman who was fatally shot while off-duty in 1978.

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