ON THE MENU COLUMN WHITE CASTLE REP 'NOT GIVING UP': There's good news and bad news for people looking for a White Castle to open in Rochester.

First the bad news: The chain recently conducted a survey to test the waters here, and the honchos at headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, apparently weren't too impressed with the results.

"The results were not as favorable as they would like to see them as far as awareness of the brand," said George Simon, White Castle's regional director for Minneapolis and St. Paul.

But here's the good news: Simon said he isn't quite buying the idea that White Castle won't work in Rochester, adding that the chain is still doing research to determine whether it's worth a potential $1-million-plus investment to open here.

"I'm not giving up because I think we can do OK down there with one store if not two," he said.

DISH IT UP EYES AUGUST OPENING: Heather Tlougan of Rochester says she's looking at Aug. 8 as the target date to open Dish it Up, a new place where people can go to pre-assemble meals to store and cook at home.


Tlougan said she hired former Sebastian's chef and longtime Rochester caterer Robert Ulrich and now plans to also offer catering for a wide range of events. She added that she expects, where people can pre-register for time slots to assemble meals, to be up and running July 18. She also said people can also pre-register by calling 292-1100.

Dish it Up will be located at Chateau Center, the new 14,000-square-foot building located in the parking lot just south of Chateau Theatres at the intersection of North Broadway and 37th Street.

PANERA ADDS NEW SALAD, BREAKFAST SOUFFLÉS:; Panera Bread recently added a new summer salad to its menu, Fuji apple chicken. The salad includes mixed greens, gorgonzola cheese, pecans, tomato wedges, red onions, chicken with a citrus-herb rub and apple chips.

Panera also recently added two new baked egg soufflés; that are served daily until 10:30 a.m. The soufflés; are cooked in a flaky dough similar to a croissant and come in two varieties: spinach and bacon and spinach and artichoke.

-- Matt Russell

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