One boat, two anglers, six walleyes, 46 pounds

By John Weiss

Randy Stevens kept looking into his boat's livewell Saturday, barely believing what he saw as he and his son, Rob, fished the Minnesota Tournament Trail walleye-sauger contest on Pool 4 of the Mississippi River and Lake Pepin.

"I opened up that live well -- shock, euphoria, excitement all rolled into one," Randy said.

And well he should have been shocked.


The six fish weighed 46 pounds, the largest 10 pounds. As near as he could tell from asking oldtimers, and drawing upon his many years fishing the river and lake, that's the biggest six-walleye limit yet weighed in.

To top it off, it could have gone over 50 pounds.

One of the six was a 2-pounder. But they caught a walleye of about 9 pounds that was foul-hooked (not in the lip or mouth) so it had to be released. With that fish, the limit would have been about 54 pounds, he said.

The two simply trolled livebait using three-way river rigs in the river between Red Wing and Pepin, he said. The secret was the live bait. A friend brought some huge fathead minnows from up north and they seemed to be what the walleye wanted, Stevens said.

The two won more than $2,500 for the first-place finish.

The next day, which was a separate tournament, the word got around about the fish. The two anglers went elsewhere and didn't do well at all. "I think we burned our luck up the first day," he said.

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