Outcome of All-Star Game nothing compared to strike, contraction

I hope baseball fans are over the All-Star Game non-ending.

They have a lot bigger things to worry about, especially around here.

Instead of sniffling over the game being called a tie -- a direct result of the managers' attempts to pre-empt the fans' usual whine about the players not all getting into the game -- they should be concerned about labor strife and contraction.

Both directly affect the Minnesota Twins.

Just as the Twins appear headed for their first playoff appearance since that other Bush was president, there might not be playoffs because of a potential strike.


And contraction has been taken off the table only through next season. Thursday's developments regarding the Twins and their negotiations with the city of St. Paul strike a blow at the chances of the team staying in existence beyond 2003. Don't for a second believe Major League Baseball won't eliminate the Twins if they don't build a new stadium.

Makes the All-Star Game look insignificant, eh?

Craig Swalboski

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