Parking violations spike with return for residential enforcement

All Rochester's parking ordinances are in full effect following changes in first months of the pandemic.

Residential permit parking in Rochester.

Commuters appear to have missed reports that Rochester would be reinstating enforcement of residential parking permit zones Monday.

The city reported 150 violations in three hours as enforcement restarted, prompting officials to send out a reminder than all the city's parking ordinances are in full effect. Those 150 violations were warnings, not tickets.

"We are taking an educational approach to enforcement to begin with," said Nick Lemmer, communications coordinator for Rochester Transit and Parking.

In late spring and summer, the city suspended enforcement of some parking ordinances -- metered parking, limited time parking and residential permit zones -- to allow parking flexibility for essential workers, which also helped reduce reliance on public transit as new rules were established.

With the phased reopening of downtown business, changes in employer parking rules and reintroduction of transit services, the city has resumed enforcement of all parking-related ordinances.


Motorists are expected to observe the posted parking restrictions in all areas of the city, including the 14 residential parking zones, or risk citation and penalties for violations.

Anyone living in a residential permit zone is eligible for an annual on-street parking permit. The cost is $25 plus a one-time application fee of $6. If you don't have a permit, the ticket is $25.

A permit application can be submitted to the City Clerk on the city website, by mail, or in person. Proof of residency and vehicle ownership are required. Temporary permits are also available.

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