Pawlenty regrets ‘cheap shots’ remark

Associated Press

ST. PAUL — Minnesota’s governor says he’s tried to maintain civility in his dealings with lawmakers and he acknowledges his recent "cheap shots" line pushed that boundary.

Republican Tim Pawlenty was asked by a radio show caller to explain why he had his top adviser tell House Majority Leader Tony Sertich: "Cheap shots are cheap, but they’re not free."

Pawlenty says he was bothered that Sertich criticized his involvement in state affairs. But the governor insists there was no retaliatory threat made against the DFL leader’s bonding-bill projects, which were vetoed.

Pawlenty concedes that he occasionally says things he wishes he didn’t and that was probably one of them. He says he’s made a conscious effort to not "get down and scrap with every legislator over every stupid comment."

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