Pitchers are ready

to take their licks

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SAN FRANCISCO -- Minnesota Twins pitchers Joe Mays and Kenny Rogers sat in the clubhouse last week talking about what they want to do when they get up to bat during interleague play this week.

With a golf club in his hands, Mays demonstrated the approach he wants to take at the plate.

"Let me get up there and get some hacks,'' he said.


Rogers, who spent part of a season in the National League with the New York Mets, had another approach.

"Give me the bunt sign and let me lay the ball down,'' he said.

Twins pitchers spent parts of last week taking batting practice to prepare for the six interleague road games they will play starting tonight in San Francisco. American League teams are not allowed to use designated hitters in NL parks.

Manager Ron Gardenhire, who played five seasons in the NL, said he worries about his pitchers getting injured while batting. Pitcher Eric Milton injured his heel while running out a grounder at New York's Shea Stadium last season.

"I get concerned because the pitchers have to run around the bases,'' he said. "There's always fear of injury.''

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