Post-Bulletin exploits tragedy

If Thursday’s headline taught us anything, it was that the Post-Bulletin has little journalistic credibility and even less compassion. Cy Champa, a longtime asset to this community, showed that he is a stand-up guy by owning up to his mistake. Instead of pleading innocent and making excuses, he owned up to his mistake by stating "There is no excuse for me to do that."

By leaving the last three important words off of this brave admission in their super-bold headline, the Post-Bulletin showed that it is more important to sell the news than to actually provide the true news.

How many of us have driven in a white-out snowstorm, heavy rain or setting sun in our windshield condition — and escaped with just an accelerated heartbeat and a sense of relief? Cy’s mistake was just that — a mistake. He was not purposely running through a stop sign at a T intersection.

I’ll sleep much better tonight knowing that a man who co-sponsors an annual charity golf tournament to raise money for college scholarships for needy students will likely miss this event so he can spend the night in jail.

The only winner in this tragic accident — the Post-Bulletin, who took advantage of this tragedy to sell a few more newspapers by giving us a headline that was both factually and ethically wrong.


Mark Thein


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