PROFILE -- TIMOTHY SCHWALBE -- Date and place of birth: Nov. 10, 1983, in Hennepin County.

After high school, I plan to ... go to Winona State University and major in something fun.

My dream job is …; is doing something fun so that I'll like to go to work.

Favorite movie and TV show: "The Fast and the Furious"/"7th Heaven."

What are your favorite things to do outside of school? Going out with friends, going to movies, baseball games and doing stupid things on the weekend.

Name one thing you'll remember about your life as a teen: Hanging out with friends.


My trademark cliché; or expression: "Happy, happy, joy, joy!"

What would your last meal be? Macaroni and cheese with hot dogs.

Who is the person you admire most and why? My mom because she is a hard worker and is funny.

What is your favorite memory? Hanging out with friends and doing very stupid things.

What is your favorite class? Why? Lunch time because it is the only class you don't have to study for.

Describe yourself in one sentence: I am funny, tall and a very nice friend.

What's your biggest pet peeve? Very annoying people.

What makes you laugh? Watching kids prove teachers wrong.


Name your most positive characteristic. My friendship.

The biggest problem facing teens today is ... peer pressure.

My advice for parents of teens is …; let them have fun and go out, but before they go out ask them questions.

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Name: Timothy James Schwalbe

Grade: 12

School: Fillmore Central

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