AUSTIN — An Austin man pleaded guilty Monday to an assault charge stemming from an incident in March.

Ernesto Albarran, 49, pleaded guilty in Mower County District Court to felony first-degree assault. He was also charged with attempted first-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder. Albarran is also known as Javier Gonzalez Caraballo.

He has been held since his March 11 arrest. Judge Jeffrey Kritzer set bail on March 13 in the amount of $1 million unconditional bond and $500,000 conditional bond.

Austin police were called around 12:15 a.m. on March 11 to the 500 block of 14th Street Northwest for a report of a woman banging on someone’s door. When police arrived, they found a woman at the end of a wheelchair ramp, covered in blood and lying in the fetal position.

A man, later identified as Albarran was leaning over the woman. 

When asked what happened, Albarran reportedly told officers not to “worry about it” and then admitted he “tried to kill her.”

The woman’s injuries were classified as “great bodily harm” and included both stab wounds and blunt force injuries, according to court documents. The woman was able to speak with police from her hospital room the day after the incident.

She told police that the two were arguing on March 10 and that when she went to bed, Albarran rolled on top of her and began choking her, according to court documents. The woman ran from the house because she believed Albarran was going to stab her and ran to a house where she saw a light on. When she stopped to ask for help, Albarran reportedly caught up with her and started to stab her with a knife, according to court documents.

A preliminary breath test conducted later that morning indicated Albarran had 0.229 percent alcohol concentration, according to court documents.