Badges and Board Games

The Rochester Police Department hopes to bridge some of the gap between police and the community by sponsoring a board game event at D6 Games.

A cop walks into a gaming store. It's not the start of a joke, rather, it's an upcoming event aimed at connecting law enforcement and first responders with community members.

On Nov. 9, the Rochester Police Department, Olmsted County Sheriff's Office and the Rochester Fire Department will host its first Badges and Board Games event. The free event is being held at D6 Games, 4229 W. Frontage Road NW, from noon to 3 p.m. 

"We want the youth of this community to engage the police department, sitting down, working on games together that are not only fun but are getting the kids to think strategically, getting the kids to think tactically and getting them out of the video game world," Police Chief Jim Franklin said.

It is an opportunity for community members to join law enforcement and the fire department for an afternoon of strategy, competition and fun.

"I want this community to see the human side behind the badge, and this is going to be a great opportunity to sit across the table, with kids and cops, playing together and having fun,"  Franklin said.

The community engagement event is a part of an ongoing effort since Franklin became chief in July 2018. 

Sgt. Tony Teal said the event will help bridge the gap between officers and the city's youngest residents.

Christopher Fursa, owner of Rochester's D6 Games, said one of the shop's goals is to bring the community together.

"This is a good way to get the community to play and see that the Badges, they have fun, too."