Before first-time home owners Kamau and Heidi Wilkins could get comfortable in their new space, thieves took their cars and sense of safety Monday morning.

“That sense of safety — that rug was pulled out from under us,” Kamau Wilkins said.

Wilkins awoke early Monday to cell phone notifications about purchases being made with his debit and credit cards.

Wilkins realized his wallet had been in his 2010 BMW wagon. He found his car and his wife’s 2007 BMW missing.

Wilkins, a coach and a community and environmental activist, said he’s not jumping to conclusions that he and his family were targeted.

“They didn’t come into the house,” he said.

However, the circumstances are odd, he added.

“Without evidence suggesting that, I’m not ready to make conclusions,” he said. “But we live on a cul de sac — it doesn’t add up.”

Wilkins and his family moved into their new home last week. Buying both cars with aggressive payment schedules was a way to build up credit to eventually purchase the home.

“These are the nicest cars I’ve owned,” Wilkins said. “Having a vehicle that was made the same decade I was driving it was special.”

Wilkins said investigators told him they couldn’t recall seeing a case in which two vehicles were stolen from the same home.

In 2017, Rochester Police responded to 132 stolen vehicle calls.

Wilkins coaches fencing, and borrowed a friend’s van to make practice outside Byron Monday evening. Wilkins said he’s fortunate his fencing equipment wasn’t in one of the vehicles.

Wilkins said he’s focusing on what’s positive at the moment.

“Rochester has always been good about coming out and supporting people when they hit hard times or have bad luck.”