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LAKE CITY -- A Lake City home day care had its license suspended Thursday after the Minnesota Department of Human Services ruled that there was an “imminent risk of harm to persons served.”

Amber Eggenberger was issued a temporary immediate suspension on Wednesday, which went into effect on Thursday. Eggenberger ran a family child care at 610 W. Elm St. in Lake City.

“On January 8, 2020, Wabasha County received a report regarding a child sustaining severe injuries while in your care. Because your program is currently being investigated by Wabasha County, no additional information can be released in this order,” the order of temporary immediate suspension read. “Based on the information received, DHS cannot ensure the health and safety of the children served by your program at this time. DHS has determined that the health, safety, and rights of children in your care are in imminent risk of harm. Therefore, DHS is suspending your license to provide family child care.”

Eggenberger said Monday afternoon that she had appealed the suspension.

"I was given a temporary immediate suspension but with no information to why. I have not been given an opportunity to state my story and I have appealed the suspension and have support of my families," Eggenberger said. "This is a false claim over a financial disagreement."

The day care had a licensed capacity of 12 children with certain caveats about the number of children that could be under school age or an infant or toddler. Eggenberger said she had 11 children at the day care and has had the home day care for three years.

The only other license violation recorded for the day care was in September during a licensing review. Caregivers at the day care “did not follow hand washing standards,” according to the DHS license report. The violation was corrected on site.